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Do I need therapy? 


The need for and type of therapy is unique to each individual. Whether you are struggling in your personal or professional life or are on a quest for personal growth the objective and positive support offered by a trained therapist can assist you in your journey to achieve greater emotional, physical and spiritual well being.


What type of therapy do I do?


My choice of therapy is client centered and defined by you and your personal preferences, style and abilities. Therapy can range from coaching and supportive counselling of present day struggles (ie; becoming more organized) to a more intense form of psychotherapy – which is a deep self excavation process of healing damaged areas of the psyche from past issues/traumas.


How do clients feel after therapy?


Typically, following the initial session, clients feel a sense of relief of “getting their issues off their chest”. In treatment, feelings tend to ebb and flow depending on the issues that the client is addressing at the time. For instance; if you are remembering a loss you may feel sad, whereas if you are sharing details of a new relationship you may feel elated and optimistic. The key to successful therapy is to learn patience with oneself that even if you are experiencing a time of pain or negativity – you understand and heal the issue that is causing those emotions to arise – they will be healed and dealt with and will no longer trouble you.


How long are sessions?


Each session lasts for 50 minutes.


Who decides when treatment ends? 


At times a client will choose to quit their therapeutic process on their own, but the most effective and therapeutic way to terminate sessions is via discussion with your therapist and via a collaborative approach that makes termination positive and supportive.


Can I come for two sessions in a row? 


The most effective personal growth is achieved when a client attends a minimum of weekly sessions. However, during times of crisis or intensity you may choose to meet with your therapist for two or more subsequent sessions during that week.


How long does it take do complete a typical assessment?


The initial assessment can be completed in the first session when you, the client, and the therapist determine if there is a positive connection. If that is the case then there is a greater opportunity for personal growth during subsequent sessions. If, either you or the therapist do not feel a positive connection then no personal growth is possible, and I will assist you in locating a therapist that you may connect with on a better emotional level.

What is the typical length of a course of therapy?


This can vary greatly. Some clients enter therapy simply to come to terms with a difficult decision (ie; to separate or to stay in a relationship) and that may take only one or two sessions. For deeper more traumatic issues that may have originated in childhood (ie; childhood sexual abuse), the course of therapy can be long term lasting a minimum of two years and even longer depending on the goals of the client.


What are your office hours?


Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5:30 pm.

Saturdays from 8 am until 4 pm (or by appointment if a later time is required).

Sundays by appointment.

In family therapy who attends/participates? 


At times it is beneficial for the entire family to attend a counselling session. There are also many situations where an individual in the family will want to discuss a private matter and can attend an individual confidential session.

What about confidentiallity?


I am mandated by my governing body (The College Of Occupational Therapists Of Ontario) to ensure that confidentiality is maintained at all times related to issues discussed in session unless I am provided by the client with a release of information permitting me to share whatever aspects they are comfortable with.


When is confidentiality broken?


Legislation dictates that I must report situations where an individual is an imminent danger either to themself (ie; actively suicidal with a plan), or to someone else (ie; homicidal). The CAS has a mandatory 24 hour reporting requirement if there is verbal/physical/emotional/sexual abuse of a child.


What is the cost?


Individual, couple and family sessions are $150.00 per 50 minute session.


What kind of payment is accepted?


Cheque, money order, e-transfer or cash are accepted.


Can my services be directly billed to my insurer?


My discipline is covered by some extended health benefit plans. Payment for each session is due directly following the session. An invoice is provided for submission to your insurer for reimbursement. Please see section on “fees” for detailed information.

Do you offer a free initial consultation?


There is typically a fee for the initial consultation as we begin working on your presenting issues during the first session.

Wanda offers one free, initial consultation.


Will I be billed if I forget to come to a session?


Please see section on Fees for details.


How much notice do I need to provide if I need to cancel an appointment?


Please see section on Fees for detailed information. 48 Hours is required to cancel a session.

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