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Everyday life can

change quickly

From being richly satisfying, rewarding, filled with happiness and joy, to times when everything seems difficult, unpredictable, dark, and sometimes painful.


For most, seeking professional help can be embarrassing – a sign of weakness or an inability to cope. It’s difficult for most people to talk about the issues they face, even with family or a friend. Societal “norms” and traditional thinking dictate that we should be able to manage these challenges on our own without the help of a professional.

Asking for help is seen as a sign of strength rather than weakness. More and more people are recognizing the value of professional healthcare counselling, and the benefits it provides.

Fortunately society’s attitudes about the need for mental health counselling guidance and therapy are rapidly changing. More and more of us are recognizing the value of professional counselling and the real benefits it provides.

Wanda Nayduk
Counselling & Therapy

Wanda offers one

free-of-charge, initial session/consultation. Please call for more information or to book your first session.

Wanda Nayduk Counselling & Therapy Services

80 Bradford Street

Suite 801

(Use Entrance Door 3)

Barrie L4N 6S7



Phone: 705-321-4297

(messages only)


Still Point


As a Therapist in Barrie, Ontario, the focus of my practice is to help clients enjoy healthier living. I achieve this through a holistic healing process that’s tailored specifically for you. By identifying the origins of problems, your fears and concerns and encouraging positive change, you can better appreciate and enjoy the good things life offers. I call this finding your “still point”. When you find your “still point” this helps you find and maintain balance and achieve an inner state of well being. This allows you to achieve greater peace of mind regardless of what is occurring around you. It equips you for building relationships, realizing your personal and professional goals, and enjoying a happier life, as a fully integrated adult.

As an experienced, respected, therapist in Barrie,

I am well equipped to address the problems and challenges that life presents us with. If you are experiencing mood related problems, anxiety, eating disorders, are having relationship issues, have experienced personal trauma or loss, or are wanting to work on personal growth take the first step to achieving better mental health.
By making a confidential call, or sending an equally confidential email directly to me, you’ve made an important decision to initiate real change.

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